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  • The bird species names of World Birds Illustrated Handbook are based on the IOC (v7.1) and Clements (2016) lists.。Total of 240 families, more than ten thousand species。
  • World Birds Illustrated Handbook is compiled by a group of enthusiastic people get information from the Internet and identification.。
  • For web pages with copyrighted photos, this illustration is link to the original website。
  • The bird images used on this website is one of three types of CC license terms:Attribution,Attribution-ShareAlike,Attribution-No Derivative Works。
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  • Due to the large number of birds, new birds will be added from time to time.。Please refer to the "Hot News" for the progress。
  • Bird species may identify errors or have broken hyperlinks. Each row has a number at the first column, and you can click it to report.。